Invest In Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce came up with one of its biggest innovations last year, that is Salesforce Lightning. It is a smart tool that helps you sell faster, better and optimize your performance. It's an intelligent Client Relationship Management (CRM) application that enhances the entire functioning of the management with the help of some of its practical features. Read further to know

Why you need to Upgrade to Salesforce Lightning immediately:

1. Latest Features-
Salesforce Lightning has all the new features and technology that can serve the best possible CRM services available in the market. It comprises of 55 new Cloud pages and over 150 new features. The latest innovation helps you to keep up with all your CRM related requirements. One of the best features of Salesforce lightning is that your voice calls with customers are directly linked within the cloud. It proves to be a great game-changer for salespersons because now they can keep a record of their conversations and take notes even through their mobile, making it a mobile-friendly application.

2. Appexchange Apps-
Salesforce has launched more than 157 new apps that are all pre-integrated to work with Salesforce Lightning. They have been designed to provide the customers with the most user-friendly experience and to avoid hassle and hopping between different apps and programs.

3. Hand in Hand with Outlook-
Salesforce Lightning and Microsoft have joined hands. This means that from now on the user has access to the world’s number one CRM and the world’s leading productivity suite. It is now possible to have access to Outlook directly from your Salesforce lightning app without jumping from one window to another. It keeps your Office 365 directly synced in order to smoother out the user experience.

4. Lightning Builder-
Salesforce Lightning is one step ahead of you. The app doesn't require you to be a hardcore developer. It is quite simple because all you have to do is drag and drop the required lightning components to build mobile or desktop apps without going through the hardcore process of coding.

5. Lightning Customer Community-
Salesforce Lightning Community cloud is the only bridge you require to fill the gap between you and your customers. It avoids all the communication gaps and keeps you personally connected with all your clients. It offers you several opportunities to develop a relationship with your customers to make them feel prioritized. Personalized engagement is an easy way to the customer's heart which is exactly what the Lightning App does for you.

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