Salesforce Sales Cloud


Giant to small, every business has suffered the pandemic out of the blue. But surprisingly, most of them learn from the situation and make them stand, walk and even run. In fact, some of them are now looking beyond the pandemic. They are empowering their sales team with ultimate sales tools, such as Salesforce Sales Cloud.

For selling faster and smarter, your sales team needs a smarter choice too. We hear you asking, why is the Sales Cloud a smart choice?

Here is why?

As per the name, Sales Cloud enhances the efficiency of the sales team and boosts the sales rate. The amazing solution makes it easy for the sales team to judge the potential customers and boom business in new normal.

How Sales Cloud helps the team to upgrade to the new normal?

1. Unified customer view (360°)

As the mathematical word says it all, it refers to a full circle, which means the ability to see everything around you. When we say Sales Cloud provides a 360 view of your customer, we mean they can see every single angle. This view includes customer history of interaction, their sales cycle, what services they are using, their business details, what technologies they are using, etc.

With Sales 360 Cloud, the sales team gets a complete customer view of marketing, services, commerce and other channels. In these present conditions, it's critical for companies that they understand their customers for closing more deals.

2. Back sales activity with data

In case of lack of context, your sales reps may face uncertainty while addressing customers' queries, but not with Sales Cloud. The Cloud solution offers a complete view of key contacts, communication history, and customer activity that boosts sales. It also shares every relevant documentation and insight for collaboration that back to your sales activity with accurate and relevant data.

3. Closer and faster-qualified leads

With Sales Cloud, your sales team no longer just chases leads but chases only qualified ones for faster deal choosing. The solution strengthens every lead, whether online or offline or from calls, meetings, websites, meetings and campaigns. Its lead management feature, powered by Einstein, automatically routes leads to the best sales rep for a particular lead.

4. Maximise sales opportunities

Sales management also offers opportunity management that allows sales reps to plan the next move by customer activity highlights, competitor tracking, stage of deal monitoring, etc. Ultimately, it boosts your sales team productivity by forecasting, optimising sales and streamlining the sales process.

5. Right pricing for every product

For enhancing sales efficiency, the Salesforce CPQ tool helps to set accurate pricing for any product configuration. It automates the quote to cash life cycle for usage billing, services and subscription.

6.Pitch perfect email interaction

Emails play a crucial role in every marketing and sales interaction, such as introducing new products and services, customer retention, usual selling pitches and all. For this, the Salesforce Cloud solution has a Salesforce inbox that keeps CRM data up to date every time. Apart from this, it sends a valuable response to every prospect's inquiries.

7. Successful sales from anywhere

With the Sales Cloud mobile feature, now sales reps can remotely work on sales-related matters and enhance productivity. It allows sales reps to work both online and offline capabilities in which they can access, track meeting outcomes & collaboration and update data from anywhere.

Over to you!

Unfamiliar conditions and top competition daily throw new challenges to the life of your sales reps. Each feature of Sales Cloud helps them to face these challenges and make the right decisions, faster deals, ensure better ROI and everything we have to drive through above.

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