Visualforce to Lightning Switch

To resolve the interface problem of responsive design and Salesforce UI. Salesforce examines the design and comes up with a light-fast, salesforce design, which is a dynamic platform than ever. The platform was typically designed for those who don’t have programming experience and want it to be easy. Salesforce lightning is a faster platform of the CRM world, which promised to create new ways of sales.

The platform is named as 'Lightning' and is also called "The future of CRM". The platform helps in additional analytics, which was a completely new implementation from Salesforce. The major changes that have been brought with the platform were the application logic of it and democratizing app creation.  

In the winter 17 release of Salesforce, they have announced that the new Lightning platform will change the way users were using so far. It will provide the new designing experiences and development environment to its users. The company was also confident about the ease of salesforce app development tasks of the platform.

Some declaration about the existence of visualforce:

However, Salesforce announces this new feature-rich platform, but they clear that Visualforce also will be used as a platform. They have cleared the air with the declaration on visualforce that it will be not outdated but, from now no new features will be added in Visualforce. All new updated features will be added only into Lightning. The companies which are using Salesforce Classic must try to migrate into Lightning and the Salesforce Developers have to develop the apps for Lightning from now onwards.

Visualforce V/S Lightning



Page-centric model App-centric model
Tag-based  Javascript driven framework 
 UI generation on server-side UI generation on client-side
No component-based framework Component reusability
Take more time to create an app Quick creation
Difficult to handle Easy to handle


Salesforce adds some new (basic and major) features to Salesforce Lightning:

Basic features-

  • Skype Call
  • Merge of Duplicate Leads
  • Quotes to opportunities
  • Kanban view and updated navigation. 


Major features- 

  • Customization of Sales paths and Sales charts
  1. Salespeople can easily manage and move the sales operation or sales deal. 
  2. With the help of Sales paths, they can also track any lead and check its progress.
  3. It allows contacting the customers directly from their dashboard without leaving their account.
  4. Designers can easily design a new customized interface using drag and drop features.
  • New easy to use features added in Classic-
  1. Now they can easily build the new customized components for Lightning applications.
  2. After the development of components, they can be directly added to the Salesforce dashboard through drag and drop feature.
  3. Due to drag and drop features both Salesforce developer and non-developer can now use the Lightning Platform to build their customized components.

There is a huge list of added features. Take a look below:

  • App Launcher and new apps
  • Easy Navigational menu
  • Multiple record creation facility
  • Option to save the records
  • Through Lightning help up to field level
  • Reply to the email just from the Salesforce
  • Product Addition through scheduling
  • Merging of identification of the duplicate lead
  • Subscription of report
  • Manage and track the campaigns, leads and contracts
  • Voice Calling
  • Pop up messages now actionable


Quite convincing right? So why not to switch! 

Now you must be ready to enjoy all upper disclosed benefits of the updated platform of Salesforce Lightning. The availability of various needful features makes it suitable for all users. But in this technical world, doing it without any support from Salesforce experts can be the wrong way to use it. So if you are in search of the same benefits of cloud technology, Contact us.