Salesforce is one of the leading and most popular platforms when it comes to managing customer relationships. Top-class enterprises prefer this CRM platform to handle complex business operations such as sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Enterprises generally aim to improve customer engagement at every step and field service management is something that’s often neglected. This is where clients get frustrated as they are usually put on hold for hours, scheduled for the following month, or are informed that someone would arrive shortly (but they rarely do). 

Field Service in Brief

For ensuring a smoother customer experience, it is the need of the hour to start working on providing optimum field service as it directly impacts your business growth. Field service refers to any work performed on the customer’s site instead of the business property wherever your products are installed. 

To enjoy effective field service management, enterprises need to coordinate field activities, such as organizing service appointments, monitoring product inventory, tracking appointment status, etc. Businesses that deal with numerous clients find it next to impossible to manage such operations without an automated system. Let us now have a look at how Salesforce Field Service lets you enhance customer engagement.

Effectiveness of Salesforce Field Service 

  • Self Service Assists in User Control

Customers expect a certain level of control, convenience, and flexibility in the corporate world. They prefer scheduling meetings, placing orders, and getting confirmation from the comfort of their mobile phones. 

By smartly using self-service features, to develop and modify requests, enterprises can offer optimum customer experience. Some useful suggestions for implementing the self-service feature successfully include making use of chatbots, designing a portal for customers, and enabling them access to service history.

  • Automated Service Status Updates

One thing that frustrates customers the most is the constant efforts to know the status of mobility workers. Sometimes the wait time for such calls is for hours! 

The best way to deal with this is to keep your customers well-informed with the latest update on the worker’s current status. The Salesforce Field Service feature lets you automatically update clients by mail, SMS, or the customer portal. If the worker gets late or arrives nearby the customer’s location, they get notified about the same in real-time. This results in enhanced customer experience.

  • Keep Customer Engaged

Planned maintenance is a good strategy for field service as customers can not always recall to fix something that hasn’t stopped working in the first place. With the help of real-time data, enterprises can keep exact records of asset state and can assess when the product requires maintenance.

You can share automated timely alerts with your customers through email, SMS, or the customer portal. This will help customers to remain updated with the latest update on their field service and increase customer experience at the same time as you will be solving their biggest problem.

You need to always think one step ahead to maximize customer satisfaction. Salesforce Field Service is one of the most effective tools to efficiently manage field service for your business. Its features help you stay on top of management activities.


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