CPQ in Salesforce

What is CPQ in Salesforce

A CPQ (Configure Price Quote) in Salesforce is a Sales Tool for businesses to rapidly and accurately create Quotes for Orders. We all know that today lots of organizations struggling with offering accurate and professional quotes quickly. It's quite normal, many sales leaders still don’t know how to address it effectively. And that is why the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software are high in demand now.
CPQ Apps frequently work concurrently with ERP and CRM programs. Quotes created by CPQ software are automated by a pre-programmed combination of guidelines, ensuring bug-free pricing that considers Discounts, Quantities, and Customizations.

Salesforce CPQ Software Benefits

  1. Shorten the Sales Cycle: The sales team works hard to get the lead converts into a customer and takes to the end of the sales pipeline. But they fall short because of the slow-moving sales quote process. CPQ software streamlines the process, by assuring all vital data is ready and up to date as soon as you need it.
  2. Improve Accuracy: We are humans, humans commit mistakes. But business is not human and for one time customers can forgive you on your mistake but they never do so if you commit even a single mistake in committing price to them. CPQ takes human error out of the comparison, delivering accurate, dependable quotes every time.
  3. Diverse Pricing and Discounts: With Salesforce CPQ, you can deliver personalized quotes to your clients enabling better customer service and experiences. When your clients want to make adjustments to their purchase, when offers and discounts are applicable, sales reps can then create updated quotes in real-time.
  4. Increase the Deal Value: By automating the quote process, CPQ reduces the downtime normally associated with creating contracts. It helps sales representatives to assist more leads in less time.
  5. Increase Productivity over the organization: CPQ enables you to drastically reduce errors and contract lead time and personalize your sales quotes in a more streamlined process. Quotes are performed in real-time with high accuracy, avoiding the need to go back and forth with clients to ensure that the sales process continues smoothly and builds the momentum you have created in your meetings.

Why do you need CPQ?

CPQ must be embraced when:

  1. Your salespeople still use traditional approaches for arranging products to make price quotes.
  2. Your organization offers a wide range of products/services
  3. Your organization is huge with broad product ranges
  4. When situation out from your control or unable to monitor external factors

So, if you are in search of Salesforce CPQ Implementation Partners to implement CPQ software solutions for your organization or need to find out about and CPQ arrangements, Atocloud will help you out.