Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform in today’s date that enables businesses to manage complex business operations with ease. It established itself as one of the giants by staying ahead of the curve & that’s what it did again with Net Zero Cloud.


Salesforce Net Zero Cloud- An Overview

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is a tool that allows enterprises to accurately track, analyze, and report the necessary environmental data in an attempt to achieve net-zero status. Based on the Salesforce Lightning platform, the system facilitates your business to enhance collaboration, project management, and reporting.

The New Zero Cloud (formerly Sustainability Cloud) helps get accurate and useful insights into your organization's carbon footprint. With it, you can collect, categorize & analyse data related to emissions & energy use throughout your entire business. Before you opt for Salesforce Development Services to use this cloud to its fullest, let us have a quick look at some of its top features:


1. Effectively Reduces Emission
Salesforce Net Zero Cloud aims to reduce the tedious reporting procedure of organizations that may consume six weeks to six months. It also considers Scope 3 emissions, the most ignored factor while generating the carbon emission reports. These are the result of actions from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting enterprise, but that the organization indirectly affects in its value chain. The robust system includes sustainability strategies while accounting for 70-90 per cent of a company’s carbon footprint.


2. Embedded Net Zero Goals
You can get useful insights concerning different crucial aspects of your business. Install and utilize Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to proudly show customers, investors, and workers that you care for the environment and prefer environmentally sustainable methods of production. Accomplish your organization’s goal of Net Zero emissions by keeping updated records and other data-driven insights associated with carbon emissions and energy use.


3. Carbon Accounting Audit
Salesforce Sustainability Cloud facilitates customer tracking and assists corporations in taking necessary actions to reduce carbon emissions. It provides you with customizable ESG reporting which displays an extensive view of your enterprise’s environmental footprint and investor-grade data. Shareholders need this critical information for various reasons like third-party audits, financial filings, business reputation, and the development of trust. Major companies have come forward and joined the race to limit the emission of harmful gasses into the environment.


4. Waste Data Management
It enables organizations to seamlessly record data about waste management with various hazard impacts. Further, the system categorizes these wastes by their nature and terms of permanence. Enterprises can calculate and manage the emission of other harmful gasses in terms of CO2. It is then possible to record the equivalent carbon emission values acquired after restricting these gasses and polluting agents.

Salesforce Net Cloud is indeed a great step towards a sustainable environment. Salesforce has taken a massive step by tagging itself as the first customer of this cloud. Other corporations must follow in these footsteps and take the necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprint & aim for net zero emissions.

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