Business Needs Salesforce Customization

Salesforce is the leading CRM solution thanks to its configurability and customizability. It is vital to realize that Salesforce customization is critical to gain the most out of this platform for your business. If Salesforce is not correctly customized then you will not realize all the benefits that are possible with this platform.

Salesforce CRM has many features as well as customization options. As your business grows and evolves requirements from the Salesforce platforms change. The manner your business functions determines how to configure this tool. Salesforce needs to present just the essential data and components to your users. The intent is to optimize workflow.

The fact is using Salesforce is not a very pleasant experience. One of the biggest barriers to user adoption and retention is usability. APEX (a programming language) and VisualForce (a platform for front-end framework) are used to customize the interface so that all know how to use Salesforce and navigate to the places they require to be.

The business process has to be divided into the areas that can be handled through configuration and the areas that must be handled by customization.

When should Salesforce be customized

  • We are developing our, sites, or communities.

  • The business process cannot be implemented using the workflow as well as validation rules

  • Folk is employing products such as Word or Excel to manage information outside of Salesforce as Salesforce takes too much time to do the same.

  • A 3rd party integration is necessary

  • Users still aren’t using the platform even after the configuration has been done.

You cannot use the standard reports to view the relevant data

Even though you can do plenty of things using Salesforce the latter doesn't do everything. The needed functionality has to be added including workflows, triggered actions, custom calculations and others. You can integrate Salesforce with anything. It is possible to use the data and functionality of other apps along with Salesforce. At certain times you require functionality which a custom integration or configuration cannot provide. Then you can develop apps from scratch that do exactly what you require them to right within Salesforce. It is possible to customize all 3 types of communities i.e customers, partners and employees.

The world of customizations is great, but should be done after configuration options have been exhausted.