- a Suite of Solutions to Reopen a Journey

The world is emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, and reopening is one of the first steps. Schools, business, governments, agenesis or communities, you name and we say it’s getting back to work. But the question is, how do you reopen a journey safe and sound? Well, is the answer.

It's hard to define the norms of the new normal when everything is for the first time. Analyzing what to do and how to do, while protecting everyone, needs guidance. In such wise, Salesforce stepped up and pioneered the They team up with global business leaders, renowned experts, their partners & customers and uncover the formula.

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What is is a Salesforce’s offering of applications, resources and content in a fast, safe and sharp manner. It analyzes and advises to prioritize safety for safe return to the workplaces. Top of that, it also develops emergency response products to manage crises.

If you think it is a new Salesforce product, then you might know a little much about it. was previously launched in 2012 and later replaced in lightning experience by Thanks and Badges in 2015. It was a social performance management platform that aimed at HR managers. And again on 1st June 2020, the new represented including the Salesforce Care products and Workplace Command Centre apps.

How does guide your reopening?

To protect the health of your organization and business members, this Salesforce product guides for each step. It can redesign facilities via responsive plans, updated emergencies and reskilling.     

Wondering how? Scroll down, and know it to the max.

Guide for reopening-

To prepare a new way of working for your employees, it rounds up the Salesforce ecosystem, business leaders, and health experts. It guides you via diverse approaches such as:

  • Repone business and community with safety- It guides you for fast decision making with trusted data and expert advice.    
  • Reimagining organization- Its advisory service, best practice, volunteer management helps organization to reimagine their business.  
  • Return to workplaces- It has apps to access workplaces and employees for staffing and reentry. Plus the manual contact tracing and command centre also for more prominent returning.        
  • Skill employees- The prebuilt content kits & actionable data insights help your employees to create growth and engaging learning experience.  
  • Future crisis response- For emergency response management and enable manual contact tracing.

What you obtain with

The new conditions changed the priorities of customers and employees, as a clear safety standard matters more now. And the far-sighted included apps are what makes fits the best.

1. Contact Tracing for employees- App helps you with the management of manual contact tracing and analyzes the spread of disease. Via tracing people who may be in the contact of infected people and places is the best way to measure safety.

Highlighted points-

  • Pick up tasks to evaluate employees
  • Gather potentially exposed contacts details
  • Enrol employees in care programs  
  • Note employee’s status
  • Maps exposed contacts & information

2. Emergency Response Management (ERM) App- The app is carrying the best use of the Einstein analytics dashboard for data visualization. It allocates health, private and public sector resources via protecting them from widespread impacts.

Highlighted points-

  • Effectively record and understand data
  • Rapidly sort and evaluate patients
  • Provide ongoing engagement & monitoring
  • Streamline emergency response operations

3. Shift Management- It is the root engine and guides employees to go back to work safely. As the name suggests, it manages the shift and helps to reduce office density by controlling the large groups.

  • Highlighted points-
  • Schedule the breaks
  • Included the management of third-party suppliers
  • Consider staggered shift patterns

4. Volunteer and Grants Management- It helps organizations to fulfil relief goals with its scalability and flexibility. Via Streamline volunteer coordination and grant-making process, it helps to attain mission fast.

Highlighted points-

  • Offer digital-first approach
  • Match the right volunteer to an event
  • Automate the grant life cycle for better impact

5. Employee Wellness Assessment- It helps to create surveys by gathering employees and visitors health data. With these surveys, it monitors wellness trends and uses data to make further decisions. Top of that, this information can be shared with departments as well as with various workplaces, work locations and floors. 

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