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Salesforce has established itself as the #1 CRM (customer relationship management) platform in the world. Its core belief is letting you as a business, the chance to offer your customers personalised experiences, enhancing inter & intra-department collaboration and removing data silos. One can hire a Salesforce consulting partner to get more information about all that this CRM offers. 

The healthcare industry caters to an enormous number of people. Storing the clinical & non-clinical data of all of them can be challenging, that’s where Salesforce comes in.

Among its various products (known as clouds), the Health Cloud is dedicated to improving the healthcare industry, be it pharma, medtech, public sector health or others. Here are 5 concrete reasons healthcare providers should use Salesforce. 

Tearing Down Data Silos

Data is crucial, especially in a sector like healthcare where data accuracy regulates how quickly and well the patient can be treated. It is also a sector where data is found in large chunks, spread across multiple channels. While medical records can be found within the electronic health record system, other records like test results, insurance claims, and billing are stored with their respective departments. 

Salesforce helps by bringing all this data together and securing it in an all-accessible place. If you need more, the right Salesforce consultants can help you figure a way around the existing system and make the best use of it to suit your needs. 

Smart Data Use

Even with all the data under one roof, without the correct supporting tools, it will be next to impossible to make use of all this.

Salesforce offers more than combining data. Led by Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein analytics) it has various tools to analyse the data and give practical insights. It can aid healthcare professionals to implement data-driven decisions for every customer with their unique data. 

Personalised Touch

Customers are individuals and appreciate businesses that treat them that way. As for healthcare, knowing the patient’s name and basic credentials can lead to a much more personalised experience for the latter.

The service cloud is a pioneer in personalisation. It displays data to the sales or customer support team who can view & update the data in real-time. The customer team can avoid questions like asking for the patient’s name, previous test results or history of doctor’s visits and dive straight into solving their queries. 

Improved Revenue Performance

Not just for patients, Salesforce can be a game changer for the healthcare sector too, directly improving the way they function. Salesforce consultants help you analyse your current system & suggest ways to improve billing and customer handling.

This way, the staff can focus on the things improving the quality of your healthcare services instead of spending hours coordinating between departments. 

A personalised experience coupled with an attentive medical staff and a streamlined process can plummet your healthcare business to the top. Salesforce understands patient-doctor confidentiality. Hence, it provides the option for healthcare providers to secure their data. 

You can hire a Salesforce consulting partner if you wish to further use Salesforce for your custom needs. Don’t know where to find one?

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