Future Trends of Customer Experience with CRM you Work in 2020

No matter what year it is, CX (Customer Experience) is crucial for business from the very start. And as we’re talking on customer experience, missing out on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is not done. 

The technology is specially developed to handle customer interaction in a more proficient way. You can understand its dominance with -“84% of customer value experience more than a product.” 

Rapidly, we are here and outstripping 2020 soon. As such, filling some more CX trends in the Bag of tricks is only lawful. In this blog, we will guide you through those trends.        

CRM trends, you should know-

Customer experience is changing- Today, slowly but solidly, price is starting to be replaced with quality and customer experience. One of the research of Forrester states that customers started buying more costly than ever, which is a whopping 500% increase in these years.   

Furthermore, it's also about personalization, as customers love the recommendations of similar and preferable products. Also, the way to personalize emails, messages is something that companies are using nowadays.       
The third change that customers are enjoying thoroughly is; convenience. People don’t want stress out while shopping (at least), which means the easiest to shop, the more they buy.    

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AI is important- AI is not future talk anymore, but it's started making a difference in business revenue and user experience. Even one of the research of Salesforce indicates it's been 257% in the next two years. 

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic, which can bring massive opportunities if it's combined with CRM. There are some AI trends you should take care of while using CRM, are: 

  • Automation 
  • Conversion rule 
  • Analytics 
  • Don’t overdo AI             

To know more on AI's role on sales transformation, chick the link just blinked. 

Mobile CRM also matters- To deliver full CRM benefits on Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, other internet-enabled devices) is called Mobile CRM. And to target mobile-oriented traffic, it's compulsory to use Mobile CRM. 

For more convenience, know what M-CRM offers:

  • Strong security
  • Apps
  • Initiative interface 
  • Easy transition between offline and online environment 

Focus on Social media- Social media is a new and most effective place to engage. Today, almost everyone is enjoying themselves on social media. In such wise, if you’re showing them something of their choice, why they won’t be attracted to it.     

The positive interactions can be measured by the stat that “Almost 71% interaction on social media leads to the buying the same product.” 

User-friendly CRM software- It's so simple to understand but still not in use that the simplest the thing, the more people will do it. However, when it comes to CRM, it looks like the creators’ design while taking into account. 

Now it's your turn to not make it complicated and serve a smooth CRM experience.       

Add more potential to CRM- Some of the best sales advisors say that companies could also add some of the systems to boost the CRM potential. The systems included Analytics software, CDP( Customer Data Platforms), customer service tools & emails and marketing automation etc. 

To ignore the technicality and make it simple to understand: “Imagine there is a refrigerator used for some particular cooling storage, recommended for medicines. While storing, if it goes through some malfunction and temperature change, which is sent out to the manufacturer via AI. And after that, it is sent to the hospital CRM system. And ultimately, they save an immense amount of medicine.”  

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Channel-less CRM- The most recent and effective CRM development is Channel-less CRM. This CRM function makes it a walk in the park to switch between the channels 1,100 times in a day. 

It is also known as Omnichannel, which means multiple channel communication support and you don’t have to depend on a specific channel, as it's possible with any.          

CX and CRM go hand-in-hand!  

In brief, we can call that Customer experience built up through CRM is the ultimate dive towards better Sales, Services and Profitability. And if you’re also looking to dive deep into this sea of CRM benefits, CRM integration is the first move. 

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