B2B marketing automation by Salesforce

B2B marketing automation grows your business most prominently. The foremost benefit of B2B marketing automation is to increase revenue. Apart from that, it also brings processes together into a single system. For example- It helps marketers to execute a variety of segments and run multi-channel campaigns.

Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation manages prospects and customer’s database. The benefits of this marketing automation do not end here. It also tracks website activity & utilizes knowledge and nurtures campaigns to get more promising leads. It adds more to the benefits of Pardot accounts. However, Pardot itself delivers the best practice to draw most out of it. 

In this article, we will share ways to get the best out from B2B marketing automation. We will discuss it’s enhancing the power of lead generation and lead nurturing efforts.

1. Campaign creation and execution- All lead generation efforts start with a well-created campaign. It spreads awareness about newly released products or offers. In email marketing teams, it provides luxury from predefined templates and schedules the sending process. 
The software can provide auto-responder options, recipient opt-out buttons and manage social media campaigns. It allows marketers to work with automated solutions and emails delivery. They can determine their interest level and personalize future messages.    

2. Webinars- Webinars used multi-purposely. It generates leads, engagement and builds brands by increasing visibility. It creates and manages webinar events. And hands to track webinar registrations through URLs and webinar events scheduling. In B2B marketing automation, Marketers could download customized reports as attendees vs. success analytics or registrations.

3. Scoring- B2B marketing automation guides marketers to assign value through leads behavior. It easily sets up a scoring model that leads to online website activity, demographics, etc.
Marketers can get timely information on lead visits activities and nurture only those with score top. The whole process is performed by B2B marketing automatically.

4. Lead Segmentation- In marketing, a source of lead can be any- Online or Offline. In this, it becomes potential and challenging at the same time to be aware of the visit intent. To know if the visitor is a prospect, one should know the source first. B2B marketing automation solutions can easily identify the prospects and their background information. So basically it segmented the leads by its source and made it more promising.

In a few words, B2B marketing automation graces marketers to clarify segments. It upkeeps leads arriving from social media, form-fills, email or paid campaigns. Ultimately, Source able segmenting leads supports marketers to communicate well. And good communication between businesses is key to success.

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