Education is one of the few sectors that will always thrive. Unfortunately, the old approach has gone stagnant in producing results. Believe it or not, some universities still send newsletters to convince students to join. This brings us to the question—what’s the next step to thrive in the education sector?

Salesforce Pardot could bring in the necessary changes to give new vigour to the way things work. It automates repetitive tasks, tracks prospects, and pushes them in a better way through the sales funnel. Not just the customer front, Pardot has a clean and user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

But how exactly will it help your education business? Let’s go point by point to answer that.

1. Spot Potential Students

Businesses often think that launching a website is the solution. While making a digital leap has its benefits, it is limited if you don’t use it to its potential. With Pardot, you can build landing pages with a visual editor even if you lack the coding know-how. Integration with Google AdWords helps you track how well your keywords are functioning in bringing organic interest from potential students.

The aim is to understand where your business is needed and offer your solutions to them. This targeted approach has a better conversion rate than a bulk approach. You can hire Salesforce Pardot consulting services to help you, more on that at the end.


2. Nurturing Leads

A pool of interested students is useless if you can’t convert them. Not every prospect is ready for conversion right away. Most businesses focus on the ones that are, but with Pardot, you could still convert the other half with the right approach and some time.

Salesforce Pardot gives each leads a grade. A glance at that grade lets you know how interested they are. You can automate the low graded leads into a lead nurturing schedule. This automatically sends promotional emails and notifications at a set interval to turn cold leads hot.


3. Reaching Out Made Easier

The days where emails were meagre blocks of text are behind us. Mails today must be visually appealing, encouraging prospects to click on that CTA button. Building such a template is easy with Pardot’s Intuitive Email Builder. It uses a visual editor with easy formatting and design abilities.

The automation feature enables you to set a schedule for the emails to send and forget about it. You can also link it to launch as soon as they meet a specific condition. Dive deeper into the power of email marketing with optimized sending that lets you launch A/B testing. This approach sends two formats of emails to two categories of students. You can know which mail is performing better by studying the response. Boost your email engagement further using Pardot’s new AI feature.


4. Focusing on Individuality

Schools and universities used to market themselves to everyone, hoping for the best results. A core problem with this approach is that students stopped feeling like individuals. Pardot brings this back with the ability to approach students with a personalised message.

This is made possible with all the data that Pardot accumulates. Data fields like name, city and interests aid to create unique pitches for every individual. This information also changes the targeted offers that a student gets and matches it to their interests.


5. Adapt & Improve

Improving at a steady pace is crucial to maintaining a steady conversion rate. This means having a close look at your shortcomings, which is made possible with Pardot.

Apart from its in-depth analysis, you can make custom views to interpret the data faster and integrate everything with third-party applications. All this helps you find answers to the questions that were limiting your business all along.



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