Pardot New AI Feature

In the latest summer release 21, with multiple other features, Salesforce also added an outstanding feature in Pardot that might be a dream come true for an email marketer. Known as ESTO (Einstein Send Time Optimization) or STO (Send Time Optimization) eases the unpredictable human behaviour for email.

But before unboxing its vast effect on email strategies, let's first understand why we are calling it a big deal for marketers.

Let’s start with the challenges of their marketing to sales journey.

Email Marketing Challenges (With Stats)-

From the perfect time, day and type of emails, the various moods of recipients work as a dilemma for marketers to solve. We can understand how uncertain customers open an email and take action through it with these Pardot email marketing statistics:

  • Personalized emails get a 26% more boost.
  • Adding video increases CTR up to 300%.
  • 47% of the recipients’ open emails by reading subject lines only.
  • Adding the name of the recipient to the subject line increases the opening rate by 18.30%.
  • Email subject line with emoji on it increases the rate by 56%.
  • 75% of users use mobile phones to open emails (Is your email mobile friendly? Because ?)
  • 42.3% of recipients delete if it will not show on their phones.
  • 45% of emails considered spam
  • The average time users spend checking personal emails is 2.5 hours/day.

These stats on the various engagement patterns make it clear how you can increase the chances of your emails taking action.

However, for more, you might include the latest AI featured Salesforce Pardot known as ESTO Pardot.    

What is the latest feature of Pardot ESTO?

Stands for Einstein Send Time Optimization, Salesforce tries to clarify what the features work for. Specially built for email markers, ESTO makes the system way more flexible. Besides the previous features of send now or send later, when you choose Einstein, it lets you send at the ideal time of recipients. For this, the AI functionality experiment for 3 hours to 7 days and send email as per recipients of data history and behaviour.


  • Available for only new lightning email builder
  • Available for Pardot advanced and premium
  • Available for Salesforce Unlimited edition, enterprise, performance
  • It will take 72 hours to activate
  • Not available for engagement studio

How is AI Pardot helping in email engagement?

Improving performance with time, this AI-based Pardot feature will be more effective with time. Apart from that, here is the complete process of how this AI-powered feature works.

  1. After enabling the feature, you can see the “Einstein Optimize” option while emailing.
  2. Choose time, date and date to end the experiment.
  3. Einstein started experimenting with the preferable time, date, and engagement.

The activation process of ESTO-

  • Go to the marketing set and type Einstein
  • Click send time option
  • Select time that is enough to analyze the preference & info
  • Click update
  • Click settings
  • Set time zone

After confirming your settings, Einstein AI will start the experiments and calculate the optimal send time for email-based engagement. After confirming your settings, the specific database learns on the basis and offers more advanced decisions.                             

Full Working insights of ESTO boosting email marketing

Step 1- With its 90 days of email engagement data, it checks for every engagement behaviour, including opens, clicks, sends, associated timestamps, unsubscribes and spam complaints. Apart from that, it also checks for metadata and data for customer email sending patterns and predicts future engagement behaviour.
Step 2- After that, it analyzes this data for every contact, assigns a score (For every 168 hours) in a week, and creates a sending model. Because of different sending patterns, Einstein STO sets parameters for distinct patterns.
Step 3- The parameter selector decides based on the variation of sending and opening of 90 days of history.
(Note: The customer model trained only for using customer data. ESTO uses this data for recommending the optimal email sending time for the best rate of email opening.)

Also, Einstein sends time optimization displays an analytic full dashboard for accurate future prediction.  

The email booster factors-

They invented the Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution to increase the open rate of emails. Here is some of the most relevant information and engagement history of this feature.     

  1. Gather organic information- Help marketers to know all organic information about the sent emails. They can examine if their emails are still on the top of the recipient’s inbox or whether they open it. No matter the time, the AI solution makes sure the emails do not get buried in the piles of emails.    
  2. Increase onsite email capture- Now accessible to Pardot clients, ESTO helps to build a strong email sending list without annoying your customers. ESTO uses AI to identify the open & click data for your emails and then select and set an appropriate time for sending it. Every time you perform a list and email with ESTO, your email will land at the top of the inbox, where they like to view emails.
  3. Lead segmentation- To make it more personalized, it starts with selecting the send time and duration of its delivery. According to the appointed time, Einstein selects the best for every lead and only then delivers it.        
  4. Ensure email deliveries- Over the time of sending’s, you can also check the open rate and which leads are still in the queue or sent. With the time of sending, each lead you can enable, however, the feature is only available for Pardot Email Experiences    


Apart from using its out-of-the-box Machine learning capabilities, ESTO users are edged over to their competitors, who are not using it. The capacity to enhance email open rates, its power of personalization with customer data boost your email even after opening.  

As a leading Salesforce development service, we love to help you add Einstein STO to your email marketing kit.