Pardot B2B Marketing Automation Solution

To stay relevant, sustainable and on time, businesses are working hard from both marketing and sales sides. However, if they are not aware of Pardot, you are probably missing the best part of the Salesforce marketing automation solution.

The trustful B2B marketing portal blurs the line between sales and marketing with the help of innovation, technology, and techniques. So how does Pardot benefit from business from the three aforementioned bits of help?

  • Automating marketing process  
  • Providing personalization
  • Reconnect inactive leads
  • Tracking customers' engagement
  • Attract sales-read prospects
  •  Maximise ROI with data-driven marketing and sales campaigns
  • Make sure you enjoy all the latest marketing technologies
  • Track customers' social media, email, sales with the help of web data, after connecting with CRM

Besides these, marketing automation solutions help businesses in many other ways through marketing like email, social media and inbound. It also engages prospects through digital advertisement, landing pages and forms.   

Challenges marketing automation solution can solve

1) Overflowing database but not conversion- With lead scoring & grading, dynamic content, segmentation and lead nurturing, you can boost your conversion rate. They could perform all these four ways with the help of Pardot, as it improves relevancy and targeting.

Helping highlights:

  • Let reps follow only qualified leads rather than dead ends.
  • Segmentation guides sales reps to pitch customer intended offers & information.  
  • Lead nutriment, as most of the time buyers don’t buy, but you make them buy.
  • Personalized content plays an important role in converting leads to customers.

2) Not right-time connectivity with customers- Salesforce Pardot Marketing automation solution eliminates the chances to interact with customers at the wrong time. Pardot shifts contacts according to their preference, such as educational emails, potential customers.

Helping Highlights:

  • Ongoing conversions
  • Feedback collections
  • Learn from the digital body language of customers

3) Dissimilar marketing and sales goals- Marketing and sales teams can create out-of-the-box opportunities together. However, individually they can misalign the process.

Helping Highlights:

  • Create a single customer journey
  • Agree on a customer persona
  • Use a marketing-first approach
  • Use customers feedbacks
  • Track joint KPIs
  • Constant marketing messages
  • Marketing asset to close the sales

How does Pardot benefit?

1) Automate marketing- As per the name, automating marketing activities is known as automated marketing. In this process, marketers automate the repeating process such as emails, social media posting and campaigns with the help of software. After collecting information about potential prospects, Pardot helps the marketer and sales team to serve them with rich content. In this process, technology decreases the pressure on teams half of the time.

2) More lead generation & management- First, we like to cut down the misconception that this marketing automation can generate leads. However, it does it indirectly with a landing page builder, smart forms, organic, social posting & profiling and paid searches. They go through a complete process. Here are the steps:

  • Build strategy
  • Execute plans
  • Pardot experts help   

3) Campaign performance optimization- Do you have arranged a different campaign for Salesforce and Pardot or are you struggling to gain an effective campaign? If you are spending your quality time exporting excel data from Pardot, you need to find out how to align a campaign. The powerful B2B marketing analytics of Pardot enables users to optimize and measure campaign performance in Salesforce.                      
4) Easy management of email marketing- Emails are the intermediate between closing more leads or letting go of the hot leads in gaps. Beautifully targeted email campaigns that deliver the best possibilities is the sum of benefits of email marketing with the help of Pardot.

Helpful Highlights:

  • Powerful automated engagements
  • Personalized messages
  • Optimized sendings
  • Innate email builder

5) Report ROI- Pardot handles insightful ROI reporting. With the help of data, it measures and tracks entire campaign performance and lets you understand how to lead travel through the sales funnel. Advanced email reporting also helps in analyzing how emails are working at every stage of the campaign. Also, it helps in generating more leads and ROI with accurate pipelines.   


Pardot is a set of innovations, new edge technologies and techniques. You could miss the vast opportunities if you are not using this pardot marketing automation solution. However, we have already mentioned the benefits & efficiency you could enjoy with it.

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