Pardot Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is helping businesses around the world achieve unprecedented success. shows that 51% of companies on average use marketing automation. So how do you get on this trend if you are in the other half?

Your answer lies in one of the most popular automation software in the market- Salesforce Pardot Solutions. Pardot is arguably the best platform if you are looking for a B2B marketing automation solution. It helps push prospects down the sales funnel, reducing time wastage on cold leads so that you can focus on hot ones. Its marketing automation technology (connected to the CRM) can help you generate leads and convert them into revenue.

Here are a few ways in which it helps to achieve your targeted results.

Observing the Grading

Pardot grades the potential customers using two metrics—Prospect score & Prospect grade. The former focuses on the actions taken by the prospect and gives a numerical value that lets the user know their levels of interest in your product/service. The latter gives an alphabetical grade on how well the prospect fits your definition of a perfect prospect.

By observing these grades, you can turn your focus to prospects that are ready to be converted into revenue. After that, you can alert the sales team to approach the right people & close deals faster.

Lead Nurturing

Salesforce Pardot Solutions marketing automation allows you to create impactful marketing campaigns. Using this, you can transfer cold leads into a drip campaign. From there, study how they are interacting with the emails and tinker with your plan of action accordingly.

Lead nurturing is an important step to solve common issues like having too many dormant leads, lengthy sales cycles and poor engagement.

Engagement Studio

The Engagement Studio is a powerful tool. Also housed in the marketing section, this builds a flow for a lead. You are free to add actions, triggers, and rules. The combination of these three can help you automate a route for prospects.

For example, if a prospect is not interested in your product/service at the moment, you can set an action to add them to a nurture list. Interested prospects receive a grade and get transferred to the sales list. After they reach a specific grade, the sales team will contact them. When used to its full potential, this is a robust system with very few flaws.

Page Actions

The marketing section has Page actions, which, when used, can turn the tide altogether. Page actions help you set conditions that are triggered when any prospect visits a specific page. You can set the conditions by entering the URL of the page and setting the corresponding action to the prospect’s interaction.

When the prospect clicks and downloads your brochure, you can pre-plan it to transfer them automatically to the active mailing list. You can increase the chance of conversion by deploying targeted promotions to interested prospects.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. With more features like automation rules, campaigns, social media integration, etc, this is great for B2B marketing automation. At, we know this platform, Salesforce CRM and all of its stunning features. Contact us to get Salesforce Pardot Consultation, Implementation, Integration and much more!