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To a certain extent of getting your business close to customers, you must be told about Salesforce. Thus, we can say you just stepped into the giant world of Salesforce. But for now, you have chosen the right place to learn about it.

The right place is Atocloud: A Salesforce development company, working for over 6+ years on various Salesforce development services. Our vast knowledge of Salesforce will make you clear everything in amateurs words.
In today’s article, we will share everything from tip to toe about how Salesforce app development will help you achieve your business goals to a T.

EASY! It's going to be detailed yet understandable, so let’s begin.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is World’s #1 CRM platform that is working on every aspect to make customers happy. The platform simplifies work for Marketing, Sales, Service, Commerce and IT teams so they can work as one from anywhere and keep customers happy everywhere.

In October 2019, Salesforce released a new version which is updated with the Slack package. This is how you can collaborate with your team & the tools that you work with every day.  

To know more about Salesforce, we must know exactly what the platform does.  

How does Salesforce affect CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

  • Find the right customers
  • Build more sustainable relationships
  • Reduce selling cost
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance customer service
  • Work for customer retention

Learn about Salesforce Customer360 Approach-

1) Sales cloud- Looking for efficient sales growth? Sales cloud can serve both B2B or B2C while serving customer service, sales and marking. The cloud platform helps to access various apps through AppExchange for purposes like lead generation, sales, marking, customer service and analytics.

While fulfilling its tagline, “Growing sales were never been this easy”, the cloud provides an anytime & anywhere sales solution. Serving ease to sales reps, it cut the bygone ways of sales such as painful reports and complicated customer data.

Here are the mind-blowing features:

  • Mobile-accessible process
  • Automates sales process
  • Grow customer relations
  • Lead management
  • Management of contact & account
  • Pipeline & forecast management
  • Reports and database

Explore more about Sales Cloud click here.

2) Service cloud- To provide more personalized, fast and smarter services to your customers, this Salesforce cloud offers outstanding CRM for customer services. Empowering services, the cloud gives a superpower to be present for your customer from anywhere. Here is the list of features that serve the lighting like experiences:

  • Lightning service console
  • Case management
  • Social customer service
  • Omni-channel routing  
  • Workflow and approvals
  • Telephony integration
  • Automation with Marcos
  • Custom report and database  
  • Access and order management    

3) Marking cloud- Working in marketing automation and customer engagement. Marketing Cloud is a SaaS platform. The Cloud platform helps marketers with dozens of marketing matters, including social media engagement & advertising, multi-channel campaigns execution and dynamic customer journey. Apart from that, it also helps in campaign analytics, including social media engagement & advertising and data management.

For all these SFMC uses “Builders” and “Studio”. Here is the more about platform:


  • Multi-channel communication like post-purchase, support & service and financial  
  • Data-driven messaging like contact & journey data
  • Dynamic components like content and sending profiles
  • Data management
  • Vast integration capabilities, including various APIs (REST & SOAP)  
  • Various third-party applications   

4) Commerce cloud- As the name suggests, they built this cloud platform to grow all B2B, B2C and B2B2C eCommerce. These commercials are the three core capabilities of the Commerce Cloud serve many online stores having direct interaction with consumers or selling large purchases.    

Here’s how this Cloud powering commerce website of all sizes:

  • SSOT stands for Single Source Of Truth
  • Power up the eCommerce with #1 CRM
  • Quick time value and intelligent experience
  • Creates a custom storefront theme that comprises hundreds and thousands of items.
  • Let retailers launch one site for multiple brands and countries.
  • Use of analytics without having a data scientist

Explore more about Commerce Cloud click here.

5) Analytics- Accurate data and customer information help to make smarter decisions. That’s why in August 2019, Salesforce completed its acquisition with Tableau. With its simple drag and drop analytics for every skill level, the platform shares insights easily & fast. Apart from this, it also server given highlights:  

  • It makes data easy
  • Connects your business with Global data family
  • Drive your business with AI handles
  • Help to understand customers like never before
  • Connects to marketing intelligence

6) Integration- For faster integration and unlocking data from any system, Salesforce gained a solution called MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. The integration platform helps admins to integrate data faster and offer Customer360 overviews without using code. This platform moves businesses one step ahead from bygone ways of collecting data & communication.


  • Unify data to go digital faster
  • Empower business with APIs and integration
  • Simple processed yet fast data production
  • Rapid troubleshooting by using one interface
  • Fast mobile, cloud services, and SaaS explosion

Explore more about data integration and MuleSoft click here.  

7) Einstein AI- The first comprehensive CRM for AI from Salesforce. The smart assistant helps your employees to get data in less time so they could make the next action and recommendation easily. Businesses are also offering more personalized customer services way faster than before. The smart CRM assistant offers a myriad of solutions, including:


  • Voice inputs
  • Intelligent interpretation
  • Natural language understanding
  • Voice outputs
  • Other offers such as schedule follow-up meetings  

8) Learning- With the Salesforce learning platform, you can skill up your employees, customers and partners. Trailhead is an easy-to-understand learning platform that makes learning fun with its entertaining language and relevant insights. The platform breaks down every Salesforce related topic in parts where they include articles from basic to advanced. 

Besides these eight, Platform, Slack, Employees, Success, Partner, Industry and Truth (Single Source of Truth) are the other remaining seven approaches that complete this Customer360.   

Wrapping it up!

Hope so your Salesforce basics are clear now. If you find it convincing for your online business, all you have to do is hire a certified Salesforce developer to implement it. You can also go for a time-serving Salesforce development company and start your advanced business journey today.