Salesforce Pardot Implementation

The healthcare industry always develops new ways to help patients recover faster. Unfortunately, in doing so, other aspects like the paperwork, regulation and compliances get neglected. The processes are complex and patients have to coordinate with many channels to access their information!

If these challenges sound relatable for your healthcare facility then Salesforce Pardot implementation could be the solution for you. Pardot is a powerful solution that makes the process easy with its holistic view and automation features. Further, a complete Salesforce integration can bring unmatched benefits for your business and boost the existing features of Pardot.

Let us discuss how Salesforce Pardot can help improve this industry.

Responsive Landing Pages

People use a combination of devices to visit your website. A responsive landing page gives a seamless experience regardless of the device. Many websites forget to optimize their services for mobile phones. Pardot allows this, enabling the patients to access all services without the limitations of a desktop/laptop. 

You can do this by going over to the Marketing tab> Landing pages> Layout templates. Here you get the option to create/import a responsive layout template and preview it before publishing. This is then selected when creating a new landing page. 

Patient Grouping

The features of Salesforce Pardot make grouping patients easier. Its automation rules can trigger an automatic task when the set condition becomes true. This tool runs in the background unless you make it stop. Using this, you can put them on a list or pull them out of one. People on these lists receive targeted emails and other tasks to help everyone in it.

For instance, if a patient’s last noted blood pressure was above the usual 120/80mmHg range, it will shift them to a list of other high blood pressure patients. You can then send them emails with ways to manage blood pressure better and keep it under control. This was an example of the many tools you have in Pardot.

Patient Management

Dynamic lists ensure the data is never stagnant. As the criteria change, so does the contents of the list. You can set the minimum conditions required for every list and when the patient goes out of it.

You can dive deep into the patient’s management with Engagement Studio. It uses a tree format, along with actions and rules, to set the path the patient takes. They update this information in real-time, making it easier for anyone to study it.

Ease of Collaboration

Managing patients the old way can be a tedious task. Their test results are on one sheet, their diagnosis in another. Getting through that thick file is both time-consuming and, in our eyes, unnecessary. With Salesforce Pardot implementation, you get all their data in one place, ready to be accessed. Using this cloud-based platform means this data is online and safe at all times.

This comprehensive view of a patient’s information allows different doctors, nurses and caregivers to work with each other. The click of a button allows all of them to access the same data. Anyone can edit this, which is updated in real-time.


It offers plans, keeping the size and working of different businesses in mind. You can opt for their subscription model and pay more according to the additional features. This is highly cost-effective and avoids unnecessary expenditure on your part.

The basic (Growth Plan) starts at $1,250 per month. Then comes the Plus, Advanced and Premium at $2,500, $4,000 and $15,000 respectively. All these are for a single month and capped at 10,000 contacts that can increase by another 10,000 for $100. The cost is in line with the benefit it brings and the Salesforce integration makes it worth every penny invested.


Pardot’s automation solutions have many benefits aside from this. Want to enjoy all of them and elevate your organization? Your solution is right here.

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