Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Imagine buying the most expensive smartphone but using only the basic features of calls and messages. Would you be okay with that? No, right?

Likewise, Salesforce Service Cloud is a great tool to offer support to your customers, but most people only scratch its surface of usability. At its full capabilities, it resolves queries quickly and empowers your team to act at the right time.

Let us go over how you can optimize your service cloud to reach greater heights.

Setting up Service Assistant

Your customers must always have an easy way to raise a complaint. Service setup assistant makes generating and tracking customer issues easy.

Toggle it from Service Setup Assistant under Setup in the Quick Find box. Follow this by creating or entering a support email address. All queries sent to this address automatically create an open case for your agents to work on. Use the Add Users button to invite all the agents you want on this and configure their profiles.


Good Use of the Console

Agents are given the job of catering to the customers, ensuring that they resolve their problems and provide a great experience. However, they can’t work at the required speed if they have to switch between tabs and enter values multiple times.

You can automate such tasks with the service cloud, thus reducing repetitive tasks and click fatigue. The console has a few key useful features.


Types of Views

All agents have a distinct style of working. A single type won’t suit each of their strengths. The service cloud console offers three different views to solve this problem.

  • Standard View

This view brings focus to one active case. All the data related to that case is available at the fingertips of the agent so that they can offer quick yet accurate solutions.

  • Console View

This view shifts the attention and divides it evenly between active cases. The agent can switch between tabs, enabling them to reach the other query quicker and handle multiple at the same time.

  • Split View

This view arranges cases in a list format. Agents use it to reach out to multiple accounts for bulk actions like sending notifications.


Quick Text

The customer support industry grew by understanding the importance of a personalized approach. Most businesses equip their agents with a sheet comprising greeting, compassionate and apologetic messages which they can copy-paste into any chat.

The quick text feature allows agents to skip the copy-paste approach and select the apt message from a drop-down list. The chat automatically picks the customer’s provided data and combines the choices to create a custom text.


Omnichannel Service

To own a successful business today, you need both an online and offline presence. This opens the door to a wave of potential customers. However, it becomes tough to keep track of multiple messages over different channels.

This is where the importance of the service cloud is underlined. It provides a unique, 360-degree view of any customer, allowing the agents to contact them over their preferred channel. They can use features like:

  • Social Customer Service

With this, agents can respond to queries that come from social media platforms.

  • Messaging & Chat Service

Talk with customers over texts with your website’s chat feature or SMS. This service offers emojis to keep up with the latest texting trends.

  • Calling Service

You can use 3rd party apps to make calls from the console, log all its data and view it in the future.


Ask Einstein for Help

We are talking about the powerful AI that comes with Salesforce Service Cloud. Service Cloud Einstein has an array of tools that make the life of agents simpler.

For starters, it has bots to handle routine requests, leaving your agents to handle complex cases only. You can create one from scratch or use an intro template to imbed your company’s ideas. Its classification helps to save and sort field values, whereas its recommendation uses smart AI calculations to suggest the most relevant article/reply. The feature that acts as a topping on the cake is its ability to become more efficient with time using machine learning.


Service cloud is powerful on its own, but pairing it with an effective partner like Salesforce Commerce Cloud brings out the best of both worlds. Here’s how connecting the Salesforce commerce cloud unifies a customer’s journey.

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