Salesforce Field Service

Are you leading an organisation of mobile workers? And looking for a solution to resolve the complications like communication gap, dispatching, tracking, scheduling, work ease and more. Then you need to know about Salesforce Field Service

On-site fields like manufacturing, child care, professional services, retailers, waste management, financial services, telecommunicators and you name it, Field service can cover all. They designed the management tool of Salesforce service cloud to offer efficiency & speed to countless industries.

Well, as you just uncovered the tool, it's our duty to help you dive deep into its features, advantages and knowledge of this exceptional Salesforce mobile app.   

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Salesforce Field Service (Short Insight)- 

Salesforce field service is a management tool by Salesforce to help field services, efficiently & rapidly. Salesforce built a solution to enhance productivity, flexibility online and offline field solutions, and much more. Field service covers four players of the mobile working industry known as admin, agent, dispatchers, and mobile workers. 

Field service helps to coordinate with multiple field matters & management, including:

  • Dispatching mobile workers & equipment
  • Seducing service appointment 
  • Stocking products  
  • Tracking vehicle location 

And all this automatically, all thanks to Salesforce field service. 

The helpful solution: How does it help many? 

  • Fast work order creation for any case- From defining resources, regions, work type and durations, it creates an effortless customer experience while serving fast.   
  • Schedule optimisation & job assignment- With smart optimising & scheduling, the system best matches workers with jobs. This helps to assign the right task, time, location and person for a particular job.      
  • Enhance first-time fix rate with Einstein AI- Thanks to Einstein AI, now mobile workers can identify the right steps with help of an image. As such, they get full-fledged & tested techniques and resolve the problems fast.       
  • Help to make smarter decisions- Rapidly move data from multiple platforms, system helps to resolve customers' complaints easily. However, the plus point is maximum times it lets you make smarter decisions.   
  • Manage jobs for mobile devices- Whereas mobile device access clears the work efficacy itself, the thing we like to inform is it can work even offline. 

Other than the utmost ones mentioned above, field service software helps to perform faster resolve of field calls, Boost the productivity of employees and serve real-time visibility. 

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Three Parts of Field Service (The Attraction Points) - 

  1. Core features of Service field- Tool help admin and agents to set operating hours, skill sets, standard appointment requirements. If you enable the Salesforce app, it offers mobile access to your workforce. From tracking inventory to van stock, Salesforce tools provide everything your worker will need in customers’ fields. Also, it reports and analysis field data that help to plan, perform and track field service work.   
  2. Scheduling and optimisation packages- The Salesforce CRM Solution optimises the schedule according to the organisation's scheduling policies. And also offer an eagle-eye view of the data related appointment lists, resource availability, dispatcher consoles and interactive maps. Apart from this, the Salesforce field service integrates with global actions, sharing tools, optimisation rules and administration apps.  
  3. Mobile app for the workforce- Viewing appointment schedule, using Salesforce data for reaching contacts, work orders, and verifying addresses. The app has many things that mobile workers can use, counting:
  • Edit & create records 
  • Create follow-ups appointments 
  • Uphold chat to collaborate with dispatchers, managers and mobile workers 
  • Field solutions for a tricky task 
  • Track updates & push notifications 

In a nutshell!

We are sure these short yet to-the-point insights of the Salesforce service app already started attracting you to the integration. The ability to help multiple industries and offer efficiency & speed at the same time for mobile workers is a formula to its success and can be yours too.  

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