Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Your customer-pleasing process does not end when they sign on the dotted line, so does your work also not end when you convert lead to the sale. To keep your customers happy and Customer Services staff calm, you need the power of Salesforce. At Atocloud, we are providing this power to our clients from more than five years. And all we’re doing with the help of Salesforce Service Cloud and its Customer Service Segmentation.    

To better tailor the marketing needs of each customer, this customer service and support application, work far more than you can analyze. No matter if your customer wants to reach out via email, phone, online communication, social media, or web chat, giving them choices to communicate, is the first step towards a wow customer service.

According to Salesforce research, on customer behaviour, says- “62% of customers share their bad service experience with others.”

Know how you can avoid a bad customer experience. And what more you could get from service cloud for extraordinary customer service? But before that, let's take a quick & clear overview of service cloud.  

Quick & clear overview of Service cloud-

Service Cloud is a customer service and support app by Salesforce. It benefits your customer services in many ways. It gives your customers wise communication choices, comfort to your support team to work on multiple channels and an easy to use desk called console for a unique support process.

Highlighted points from Service Cloud’s work-

  1. Service console- The console is integrated with multiple channels to deal with issues with a single desk.
  2. Case Management- Tracks and describes a customer issue, complaint, request. Other than this, it also includes all information such as account, contact, product, and history data.     
  3. Channel & digital engagement- The support agent can quickly track from useful information and engage with customers on their favourite channels.  
  4. Automatic work follows-  After the case arrives, the information is sent automatically to the right people to work, so the customer support team does not have to waste time.

You might be feeling full-fed, but Service Cloud serves much more than this.

Service cloud’s role in Wow customer services-

Companies face many challenges to deal with customers' requirements. From remembering particular customers to handling their product queries, there is so much to handle. The clear overview of the service cloud might give you an idea about its efficient work.

Segmenting customers is one of the most result-oriented practices to get better customer response. And Salesforce Service Cloud can work as a magic for it. In the article, you’ll check out how? But before this, let’s take a quick explanation of customer segmentation.

Explaining Customer Segmentation?

When you try to use fix-sized marketing shoes for each customer, then you definitely will miss many customer responses. Some of the customers respond to one campaign, and others not as customers need personalization nowadays. By segmentation, you get one step closer to your customers, and they engage for long-term.

It already has proven and can be analysed by the below stat.             

“Segmenting marketing campaigns generated an average of 760% in revenue.”          

Business areas benefited from Customer segmentation-
In the way of classifying clients and potential clients, there are some hugely benefited areas of business.
Marketing- It can be segmented to identify the effect of customer segmentation.

  • ROI- As we mentioned earlier; customers react to different campaigns. After segmenting them, you should take note which segment has higher ROI, and then work on that segment more, as 77% of ROI comes from segmented and triggered campaigns.
  • User engagement- After analyzing CTR (Click Through Rate) of customers, you may know where a particular customer is more likely to spend time on such as social media, emails, other websites etc. You can decrease the emails to those who don’t like to receive marketing emails.
  • Customer behaviour- As customers view product pictures on your website, you can gradually develop that type of product. And can also predict which products should be used in the cross sale.

Targeting- Rather than sending a massive & impersonal email to all customers, you can send targeted messages to appeal to each segment. After all, you don’t want your customers to get in the habit of deleting your emails, even viewing them.

Forecasting- The thought that the past customers' behaviour predicts their future behaviour explains how the customer segment helps you to set a further trend and target the right one with the right product.

It's all about the customer's choice!

In a few words, it can be summarised that it's all about the customer's choice. And if you have segmented customers according to their age, time, location, engagement platforms, behaviour, sex, then you can target potential customers. To have all the accurate information and management of this info, you need a service cloud.

Hire Salesforce Development Service today for Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation to provide a Wow customer service to your customers and revenue to your business.