Salesforce Designer


2021 saw Salesforce unveil a new career path—Salesforce UX Designer.

Salesforce UI/UX designers were a defined norm till then. They were behind the design and layout of everything you see in the digital world. From websites to applications, nothing can perform to its full potential with a sub-par design backing it up.

A Salesforce UX designer’s job differs from a Salesforce developer's. The former is more inclined towards constructing a design that fulfills client requirements and speaks to its target audience in a way never experienced before.

Let us help you understand a bit more about who they are & how you can become one.

Salesforce UX Designer

The job of a UX designer has always been to make any product/service usable and accessible. This trade emphasises enhancing the user experience by reviewing the existing design and changing what is required.

To offer a holistic way to connect with its customers, Salesforce has turned its head to incorporate this into its platform. The job of a Salesforce UX designer is to create ‘human-centred designs (HCD)’ that make the platform easier to use. They listen to the changing demands of the customer and make the necessary tweaks to the user interface.

Regardless of whether one is a UX designer or a strategy designer, they are responsible to work closely with other departments to find universal solutions.

Importance of a Good Design & User Experience

Amidst a wide range of things to consider, businesses tend to leave UX out of their list of priorities. This comes back to bite them as the absence of an exciting experience makes users hop onto other options. Keeping this in mind, let's go over why these are important.

Helps Stand Out

North of 150,000 companies uses Salesforce, which means competition is at an all-time high. Eye-catching design and a smooth user experience help the business stand out among the rest.

This is where a designer’s mind comes into play. They can take bland text and turn it into a visual treat.

Reaches the Hearts of Customers

With almost every business boasting websites and apps, customers are bombarded with options to choose from. After a while, every design feels the same.

Great design and user experience leave a mark, breaking this cycle and reaching into the hearts of the customers.

Promotes Brand Consistency

Observe web pages, apps and other outlets of established businesses and you will see a common factor—brand image.

User experience must follow this image closely and create a result that builds on brand consistency.

Improves Response

The design and experience change according to the customers. Outstanding ones tend to gather more attention, which in turn brings more traffic leading to higher conversion rates.

A change in the right direction in UX causes a cascading effect on the customers' response.

How to Become a Salesforce UX Designer?

Apart from the eye for perfection and creativity to solve problems using HCD, you’ll need to get your certification, just like a Salesforce developer. One can get it in either User Experience (UX) Designer or Strategy Designer. Here’s a brief of both so that you can determine which one suits you the best.

  • Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer: Intended for experienced designers or people who believe they can build human-centric designs on the Salesforce platform.
  • Salesforce Strategy Designer: Intended for designers who wish to take it up a notch and use design methods to create an experience that helps businesses achieve their goals.

The best part about cracking any Salesforce certification exam is that you’re not in it alone! Feel free to study with fellow Trailblazers. You can use the Trailblazer Community to ask questions and check your knowledge. Additionally, Salesforce offers self-study materials on Trailhead—their free online learning platform.

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