CPQ B2B Commerce Cloud connector

CPQ and B2B Commerce cloud are two robust Salesforce individual solutions and can create magic by connecting. That’s the reason Salesforce came up with the CPQ B2B Commerce cloud connector to link them up. In such a combination, where on one hand B2B Commerce offers retailers to sell online efficiently. On the other hand CPQ (Configure Price Quote) converts leads-to-cash and serves rapid business growth.          

To enact complex challenges such as managing back and front office at a time, it extends business limits with the help of  AI. Other than that, it shifts business from simple product sales to consumption business model and offers seamless customer experiences.

CPQ and B2B Commerce cloud connects two appropriated Salesforce clouds and offers a strategic vision with sufficient tooling.

What they serve individually-

CPQ- The cloud is perfect for complex direct and indirect sales such as internal quoting, direct selling, cross, up-sell, renewal, replace spreadsheets, recurring subscription, manage opportunities etc.

B2B Commerce Cloud- The cloud is great for large online transactions such as self-service, online selling & carts, online catalogue browsing, multiple payment types, simple reorder, split shipments etc.

Connecting these two clouds help customers to coordinate pricing, order history, quote request, and products.          

How to connect CPQ with B2B Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce's connector is used to connect CPQ and B2B Commerce Cloud and known as CPQ B2B Commerce Cloud Connector. In this further article, you will know about this Salesforce solution.  

What is CPQ B2B Commerce Cloud connector?

It is a developer enablement framework to speed up cross-cloud integration by providing configuration, code and implementation patterns. The cloud connector is an unmanaged package by Salesforce and allows customers to customise functionality. Using a connector, you can integrate product and pricing data.

How does the Salesforce connector help?

Every point of connector offers a core set of use cases that are enabled individually through customers’ metadata configurations. While fulfilling your specific business requirements, it also disables them as needed. And helps in products, price books, orders, carts and quoting. 

Many cases support by the connector, including:     

  • Connect buying and selling-  Where one side CPQ converts opportunities by lining items and quoting them, the further process leads via ordering and then ordering lining items. On the other side of the connector, Salesforce B2B Commerce cloud cart items and lined order.   
  • Customer experience- It is clearly visible for customers that allows them to browse products catalogue online in B2B Commerce. And help to request a quote from Sales through CPQ. Ultimately it makes purchasing easy and also accelerates the sales process.
  • Same pricing- The negotiated pricing in CPQ automatically reflects in B2B Commerce and ensures right prices for customers. The process took place when it reordered from B2B Commerce after placing it in CPQ.  

As sometime customers shop through different channels rather than ordering directly from sales, they place orders in B2B Commerce. The integration of both clouds helps customers to receive a consolidated invoice through salesforce billing.

  • Concur product and price data- You can overcome redundant master data management between the direct sales channel and e-commerce channel by connecting CPQ and B2B Commerce. In the case, when anything changes in the price book or product catalogue, it automatically concurs between Salesforce billing, CPQ and B2B Commerce.     

Extend Your Business with Salesforce Connector!

CPQ and B2B Commerce cloud flip the coin on both sides and create a win-win situation for both vendors and customers. Enhancing customer experience by far-reaching information, it rapidly receives customised quotes. In such wise, vendors can improve their master data management and streamline processes.

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