Re-define sales strategies with Salesforce's exceptional Commerce Solutions

In this unripe environment of new norms & advanced technologies, where users are not afraid to try digital anymore. It is prime time for eCommerce merchants to redefine their sales strategies with something that can move them further strongly. Let’s say they have changed their strategy. But the question is, how would you define it right and working one. When they started commerce cloud back in July 2016 as Demandware, they might not think of the current situations but are surely about far away.

However, today, we are in a condition where the future is already here. A sales platform like SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) can offer you what is the demand of the situation.

Let’s start everything with the basics of the Commerce cloud and know it better.

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Introducing Commerce cloud (History to Now)-

Formerly known as Demandware, the Commerce cloud started as a cloud-based service to unify the business with customers. Presently, when every seller wants to do online selling, it is flourishing rapidly. Previously, the technology kept customers in mind.

But in 2018, after Salesforce purchased CloudCraze, it expanded beyond it and today's solution successfully serves all B2B, B2C and D2C.

How does SFCC re-defining sales strategies for merchants?

The Salesforce Saas platform offers a lot more to selling teams to serve best to their customers in terms of:

  • Helps eCommerce to understand their customers and create a personalized connection with them.
  • Measures customer satisfaction while carrying the analytics and commercial operations.
  • Brings POS, digital commerce, store operations, predictive intelligence and order management.
  • Shares a single view price, product, customer, personalization and promotions.

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Functional Categories of Commerce Cloud-

1) Commerce cloud digital- To transform the digital experience and let you easily manage your eCommerce store, here are some powerful functions, the functionality of the commerce cloud in terms of digital.

  • Digital experience management
  • Digital commerce extensions
  • Multisite management
  • Commerce storefront
  • Marketing and merchandising

2) Order management- For providing seamless order management with accuracy, clarity and ease, here are some working functions of commerce cloud servers to users:

  • Full management- With automatic payments management and visual workflows, it efficiently manages complex orders, returns, and cancellations.   
  • Better commerce & service connection- While connecting service and commerce, it offers a self-service ability to customers and prepares reps for success.
  • Ecosystem partner- You can have any integration, scale and lunch related help from the platform. Also, users can connect their built apps or pre-built apps, where they can choose the implementation partner with a single view of customers.
  • Flexible platform- Flexibility is equal to the efficient abilities that this commerce solution offers them. Apart from automating business without a code, you can manage apps, microservices, community hubs and customer experience.

3) AI and Einstein- Users can fastly grow their business with the help of AI and einstein. Here are the benefits you get in this part of Commerce cloud:

  • Remove the guesswork, hence boost the productivity
  • Build new experience with headless AI
  • Raise revenue faster
  • Personalised experiences  
  • Powered with Einstein's capabilities  

Why Atocloud?

At Atocloud, we provide every service related to commerce cloud, including implementation, integration, digital marketing, mobile optimisation, artificial intelligence, UX/UI and support and maintenance. Apart from that, we understand the unique difference between B2C and B2B and offer solutions as per that.  

If you are also looking for any of these Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solutions, we would love to help!